After 30 years as a top illustrator and licensing artist, I've also become a fine art, nature and concert photographer. However, now that I am published book author as well, I decided Professional Free Spirit best defines my evolving adventures in creativity quite well! Based in Henniker, New Hampshire,  I specialize in photographing abandoned vehicles, and this passion has resulted in my first book, "Abandoned Vehicles of New Hampshire: Rust In Peace" for Arcadia/Fonthill Media Publishers. I won't have to travel very far for my next book project, which will be part of a series called America's Photographer. I'm happy to say that "Henniker, New Hampshire: A River Runs Through It" will be published in early 2022. I also included a sampling of art on this site, but please visit to see a the scope of what I've accomplished as an illustrator, and for info about licensing.